Are you serious about uplevelling your life or business but doubt your abilities to be a phenomenal success?

Do you dislike being visible because you worry about what others think of you?

Are you determined to break free from the limiting beliefs and self-sabotage that stop you living the life you crave?

If that’s you then book a complementary Breakthrough Session by clicking on the orange button below and I will help you unlock the blocks stopping you from getting the lifestyle and business that you desire. You’ll also get a FREE Wired For Wealth recording to remove any money blocks from your subconscious mind and allow abundance to flow into your life!
— Emma Gosling


In your free breakthrough call you will ...

  • uncover some of the blocks holding you back in life or business.

  • get a sustainable and easy-to-implement plan to start eliminating self-sabotage and limiting beliefs so you can get on with living the life you crave!




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Hi, I'm Emma and I quickly free people from self-sabotage and limiting beliefs so that feeling phenomenal confidence, feeling good enough, earning your worth and being a phenomenal success becomes who they are, not what they do. If you’re still reading, I’d guess you are doing at least one of the following: working all hours of the day but still not getting the results you want and in the meantime you’re being robbed of quality time with family or friends, you’ve got gifts and talents but you fear being visible because you’re worried what people will think of you, you undercharge because you don’t think you are good enough or you put things off and fail to take the action necessary to make your dreams a reality. I know what it's like to live a limited life because of self-sabotage and anxiety about not being good enough. I’ve been there but I want to tell you there is a way out, a different life is possible and available to you! My mission is to free others from these issues so they can totally transform their business and their lives, allowing them to reach their goals and be the happy, confident success magnet they were born to be! I help transform the lives of my clients either face-to-face in St Albans (18 minutes from London St Pancras) or online so you can benefit wherever you are in the world

Why are you struggling to have the business or life you crave?

From experience, I know it can be challenging to change our behaviour and beliefs if we don’t know where they came from in the first place or even if we do suspect where they came from, there is something that keeps us stuck in a loop of negative repetitive thoughts and behaviours and that stops us achieving greatness, no matter how hard we try. Sometimes it feels like we’re taking 2 steps forward and 3 back! This is because we mainly run on pre-set 'programmes' that are wired into our subconscious minds during childhood. While some of these programmes are positive, empowering and helpful, it is believed that the majority of the default programs most people run are disempowering, self-sabotaging and limiting. To explain more; our experiences as infants and children create neural pathways in the brain that can set up patterns of behaviours or beliefs about ourselves for the rest of our lives. Astoundingly, it's estimated that about 95% of what we do, our habits and beliefs about ourselves come from, and are controlled by, our subconscious mind so if there are issues that are affecting your life or business right now, it is entirely understandable that you may have no idea where those issues come from or how to remove them because whatever you do, you keep going back to the same unhelpful patterns of behaviour!

Want to be a phenomenal success?

As a Rapid Transformation Coach, Clinical Hypnotherapist and Quantum Life Technique Practitioner, I help fast-track you to success using proven clinical hypnosis, psychology, mind set and neuroscientific brain rewiring techniques. In a very short time, you will be able to remove old, outdated subconscious programmes whilst forming new neural pathways in the brain to create more positive and beneficial patterns of thinking and behaving whilst drawing your future to you more quickly so whatever feelings, behaviours and beliefs you want will become automatic for you, without you having to try. I work with you to get straight to the root cause of why you are being held back from feeling the way you really want to feel and living the life you truly desire. Using the extraordinary power of your subconscious mind, you will be able to acknowledge the cause(s) of self-sabotage and limiting beliefs so you can quickly start to release anything that is keeping you attached to those outdated beliefs and repetitive behaviours. Then I help you to update and uplevel your subconscious programming so you can eliminate self-doubt, massively increase your confidence, step outside your comfort zone and earn your worth whilst aligning you to your future potential so you can be free to live the life you desire. Traditional talking therapies and coaching tend to focus on the habit of action without addressing the habit of thought and addressing the habit of thought is where the key to success lies! What you get from working with me is an internal upgrade of your subconscious mind (which runs most of your daily actions and habits) so you can operate from the position of being the best version of you - confident with amazing resilience, feeling more than good enough, willing to step outside your comfort zone, a healthy relationship with money and a drive and motivation to draw your best life to you yet! Imagine if someone gave you an outdated mobile phone that no longer does what you want or need it to do. Most people would not accept it and would want the best phone, right? Well, my question is why would anyone accept outdated beliefs about themselves and their abilities to be a success when those beliefs were programmed into to us by our experiences and the behaviour of others as we were growing up?

Many of my clients are time-starved and stuck in a loop of self-sabotage and limiting beliefs about their business or life. If this sounds like you, click on the button below for your complementary Breakthrough Session!


Client testimonials

Since working with Emma, my motivation, my clarity my understanding and my finances have really started to improve dramatically ... My businesses have started to benefit ... Working with Emma has been a revelation.
— F.K.W - Business Success Client, Hampshire
I have never experienced anything so powerful and so instantaneous.
— Carly, London
When I first spoke to Emma, I was at rock bottom and felt lost from who I really am. Now I do not even recognise that person that I had become. Since we started working together, I have not thought about using the crutches I used to use to get me through anxiety and stressful situations. I feel so much stronger now and able to take on the world. Working with Emma has been truly life-changing for me and I have even developed the courage to follow my convictions and change career. Something that I have wanted to do for many years but never had the nerve to go for it. I’m so grateful to Emma for her help.
— HS, St Albans
For years I had struggled with procrastination, it has been the cause of much delay, anxiety, depression and guilt. I’m in the process of creating my own business so this really needed to be fixed; I had seen other therapists multiple times who really were a waste of time and left me thinking that perhaps I couldn’t be fixed. Fortunately I had the pleasure of working with Emma, and I can say that I am free of procrastination! She has set me free to not only get on with setting up my business, but life in general, things can get very disorganised when procrastination has a grip of you. So I’m pleased to see how organised my life is becoming thanks to Emma. Emma comes highly recommended from my experience of her.
— JL, London

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