When you know how to re-programme your thoughts and beliefs, you can transform your life in ways you never thought possible.
— E. Gosling

My purpose lies behind what I love to do which is giving people the keys to eliminating self-doubt and self-sabotage so they can feel good enough and worthy of having the business and life of their dreams. Having suffered for many years with issues of anxiety, low self-worth and self-sabotage, I invested in over 4 years of talking therapy which set me on the road to recovery. However, it wasn't until some years later when I was setting up my business, that I discovered that I was actually still carrying around a lot of limiting beliefs about myself. I was still struggling to be visible, I found it hard to let go of what people thought of me and, deep down, I felt I wasn’t good enough to have the life and business I really wanted. I was curious at how others could be so successful and I desperately wanted to change but the underlying beliefs in my subconscious mind were saying “It’s not going to happen” so I was effectively stuck in a loop of repetitive, self-sabotaging behaviours and limiting beliefs that stopped me moving in the direction of my dreams! After training in and having experienced RTT, one of world’s best life transformation techniques, and Quantum Life Technique, a pioneering modality that helps you align to your future potentials and draws abundance to you, I learned the keys to success and now my purpose and absolute privilege is to help others live a successful, meaningful and abundant life.

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Motivational Workshop for North Harringay School Year 6 students for exam success, mentoring students at the October 2017 RTT Live School and motivational workshop for Cunningham Hill Junior School Year 6 students. For more information on how to book me for a talk, please contact me.


Motivational Talks 

I am available for motivational talks at schools, networking groups and companies. Please get in touch. Here are a couple of testimonials:

Such an amazing talk from Emma Gosling at the Harpenden meeting today. I could have listened to you all day Emma!
— Emma Ellis, member of FAB Women's Networking Group
Emma did a fantastic presentation at a recent Feel Great Formula course in Warrington. More people need to know about, and also try, this life-changing work.
— L. Johnson, Co-Founder of Feel Great Formula
Emma gave a very inspiring talk to our Year 6 classes about the power of their own self belief. She had lots of engaging activities from the start which hooked the children and got them interested. She could prove that they could control their minds by the children choosing the language they used. Both the subject matter and the demonstrations are quite different to usual classroom-based activities at my school so the children were very receptive to this interesting content and the way it was presented. Emma has a great balance between being professional and being warm and natural. She spoke clearly and was well-rehearsed so her presentation went smoothly. She presented it to each class separately and was flexible about the date and time that suited us. She gave us a copy of the visualisation recording which she made specially to suit our children. The staff, who were present during her talks, have repeated or echoed many of the messages she gave, even weeks later. I feel that the core message is so important not just in the run up to their SATs but generally in life.
— Miss Steiner, North Harringay Primary School, London


Emma has a degree in psychology, is a qualified Advanced Rapid Transformational Therapist and Clinical Hypnotherapist, Quantum Life Technique Practitioner, Teacher and Speaker and Facial Reflexology Therapist. She holds an Enhanced DBS, is fully insured, CNHC Registered and is a member of:

  • General Hypnotherapy Register (GHR)

  • General Hypnotherapy Standards Council (GHSC)

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