Please have a read of some of the wonderful things my clients have said about working with me. I hope you feel inspired and encouraged to see how I can help you live a happy and fulfilling life.

Since working with Emma, my motivation, my clarity my understanding and my finances have really started to improve dramatically ... My businesses have started to benefit ... Working with Emma has been a revelation.
— F.K.W - Business Success Client, Hampshire, January 2018
When I first spoke to Emma, I was at rock bottom and felt lost from who I really am. Now I do not even recognise that person that I had become. Since we started working together, I have not thought about using the crutches I used to use to get me through anxiety and stressful situations. I feel so much stronger now and able to take on the world. Working with Emma has been truly life-changing for me and I have even developed the courage to follow my convictions and change career. Something that I have wanted to do for many years but never had the nerve to go for it. I’m so grateful to Emma for her help.
— HS, St Albans
For years I had struggled with procrastination, it has been the cause of much delay, anxiety, depression and guilt. I’m in the process of creating my own business so this really needed to be fixed; I had seen other therapists multiple times who really were a waste of time and left me thinking that perhaps I couldn’t be fixed. Fortunately I had the pleasure of working with Emma, and I can say that I am free of procrastination! She has set me free to not only get on with setting up my business, but life in general, things can get very disorganised when procrastination has a grip of you. So I’m pleased to see how organised my life is becoming thanks to Emma. Emma comes highly recommended from my experience of her.
— JL, Surrey
I have never experienced anything so powerful and so instantaneous.
— Carly, London

I was very anxious about everything and life seemed impossible to carry on. The anxiety was taking over my life and work. I could not seem to function or shake off the thoughts - which seemed real in every sense. The thoughts then affected my actions. To me, traditional therapies seem ‘just listening’ but they were not ‘transformational’ in any sense.
Emma was fantastic and very understanding, truly considerate of my needs and I felt she genuinely wanted me to get better. I felt safe and understood when talking to her. Emma was very quick with her responses and any support I needed.
Working with Emma changed my life in every way positively and I felt the transformation immediately. I am clear-headed without the anxiety. The inner happiness and empowerment made me carry on with my life without the dark cloud of anxiety/ thoughts in my daily life. It’s just like being free from all the worry, anxiety and gave me the clarity to move on with life and my career. I would recommend Emma to anyone..
— SX, UK

I worked with Emma to deal with self-esteem issues and would highly recommend her. I’ve tried lots of different therapies over the last 8 years and found that Emma’s Programme was the one which really helped me to anchor the positive beliefs about myself that I needed to overcome my personal struggles. The day after starting the work with her, I applied for a job and got an immediate interview, something I had not had the confidence to do for at least 2 years. I have definitely become more aware of self-sabotage patterns and have reduced them significantly. Working with Emma is a positive and enlightening experience. Her commitment to her own personal development/spiritual path and integrity is evident and makes it very easy to trust her and go in deep with the therapy. I really like the fact that she uses her own life experience and intuition in the sessions and just seems to know what to say and ask to really help you. I also loved listening to her recordings after the session - they felt like a rock for me during a very challenging time of change and stress. I have no hesitation in recommending Emma. I think Emma’s clients will be very lucky to find her!
— S.M., UK

It truly is as profound and rapid as it promises and you can really see and feel the difference immediately. I have been amazed by the results. I worked with Emma whilst pregnant as I wanted to be able to model confidence and self-belief to my child once I became a parent. After the session, I immediately felt freer, lighter and more energised, like a computer whose operating system has been debugged and is able to run so much quicker; or like a dark cloud had been lifted and I have continued to feel this way since. This has been the best investment I’ve ever made in my wellbeing. Working with Emma was an absolute pleasure – she is an incredibly compassionate and skilled practitioner. I felt in really safe hands throughout the whole process and she looked after me so well. Our session was conducted remotely and, whilst I did wonder if it would make a difference, it didn’t at all and I was amazed by the result.
— Stephanie, Manchester